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10 Aerial Photographers Reveal How They Capture the World from... crss

10 Aerial Photographers Reveal How They Capture the World from Above

Aerial Photography Today

It seems we’ll never tire of aerial photography. Today, drone technology has give us a whole new perspective on the field. Photographers now have more control than ever when snapping a picture; with the advent of drone apps and smartphones as second monitors, they Reuben Wu can line up the perfect shot. “What I like most about working with drones is that we can see things we normally don’t have access to,” photographer Andy Yeung tells us in an email. “Plus, drones add a layer between traditional aerial pictures and ground pictures, making the creative process more interesting.”

1. Photo: Andy Yeung 2. Karolis Janulis 3. Kacper Kowalski 4. Amos Chapple

5. Calin Stan / TheDrone.ro 6. Francesco Cattuto 7. Placido Faranda

8. Reuben Wu 9. Andy Yeung 10. Reuben Wu

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