Friday, April 14, 2017

Ten incredible pictures that showcase astronomy’s futureWhat...

Ten incredible pictures that showcase astronomy’s future

What Hubble sees at its best is only a tease for what James Webb will deliver. ( Compare Visible and Infrared Images )

A visible-light telescope can reveal incredible views of nebulae, thanks to multi-wavelength imaging and advanced camera technology.But in order to view what happens inside, you have to go into space

Visible light can reveal the wispy tendrils of evaporating gas, the presence of various elements and light-blocking dust. But to see the location of stars and the density of the heated, star-forming material, an infrared telescope is necessary.

Hubble provides the best visible light views, achieving better resolution and identifying more detail than any other observatory.But thanks to the infrared views of the Wide Field Camera 3, stars, gas globules and even external, background galaxies can be revealed.Even inside the largest, most spectacular star-forming regions, infrared views can reveal stars that would otherwise be obscured by neutral atoms.

When the James Webb Space Telescope launches next year, it will look farther and deeper into the infrared than any observatory ever has, uncovering secrets hiding in the remote Universe. All Image credits ( NASA. ESA . ) on original page link.

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