Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cempedak Private IslandSituated in the Riau archipelago, just...

Cempedak Private Island

Situated in the Riau archipelago, just off the coast of Singapore, Indonesia’s latest private island resort accommodates guests in handcrafted bamboo villas and pampers them with a plethora of experiences, from spa massage and scuba diving to wildlife spotting.

Nestled amidst 42 acres of verdant rainforest and secluded white-sand beaches adorned white granite boulders, Cempedak’s spacious, sustainable accommodations have private plunge pools and glorious terraces overlooking the South China Sea. These striking two-storey units, designed by New Zealand–born architect Miles Humphreys, feature traditional ‘alang alang’ grass roofs and breezy open-plan interiors decked out in natural, earthy materials. 

Dining focuses on fresh ingredients and locally inspired dishes, with lots of barbequed seafood and tropical fruits, and there’s also a stylish bar serving creative cocktails and a selection of aged Caribbean rums along with magical sunset views over the jungle treetops.

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