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30+ Best and Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes You Can Try

Taking good care of our skin is an important part of a solid beauty regime – especially scrubs that are an excellent way to exfoliate and clear up common skin problems. But how often do we just opt for the store-bought scrubs? To be fair, probably most of the time – after all, who has time to make them themselves?

Well, surprisingly, making our own scrubs can be easy, and with sugar being a wonderful component to get rid of dead skin cells, it can be cost-effective too (nearly a third of the price!) Not only that, but by making them yourself, you can make a huge variety of different scrubs to tailor to your skin type without all the chemicals that can be found in the scrubs at your local beauty store.

How The Sweet Stuff Benefits Your Skin

While eating sugar is not so healthy for our insides, slathering it onto our skin can do wonders, and here’s why.

1. It naturally draws surrounding moisture into the skin. In other words, it’s a natural humectant. So when you add sugar into a mixture and apply it to skin it actually hydrates and keeps it hydrated.

2. It promotes younger-looking skin. Even though ingesting sugar is known to create more wrinkles, applying it to the surface of the skin actually helps skin cells regenerate quicker. This is down to the glycolic acid that can easily penetrate the skin and encourage the cell renewal.

3. It’s an amazing exfoliant. The small particles of sugar obviously make it a good way of getting rid of the dead skin cells and freshen the skin. Brown sugar is less abrasive than white if you’re prone to sensitive skin but both do a good job of softening the skin on your body.

4. It keeps the skin’s natural oil balance. The glycolic acid together with alpha-hydroxy acid contained in sugar helps maintain the perfect oil balance in the skin, meaning it won’t dry your skin out.

5. Keeps toxins out. Sugar prevents toxins from attacking your skin cells, which again promotes anti-aging and slows down the aging process.

Why You Should Make Your Own Sugar Scrubs

As mentioned earlier, homemade scrubs are not only easy, simple, and fun to make, but also won’t put a dent in your bank balance.

Many of the shop-bought scrubs can contain harsh chemicals and don’t always contain natural ingredients. On top of that, we all have different skin types, so it can be hard to find a scrub that caters specifically for you.

By making your own, you can tailor-make a scrub and experiment with what works for you. Once you find the perfect combination you have a wonderfully cheap addition to your beauty regime!

How To Make A Basic Simple Sugar Scrub

A simple sugar scrub recipe is the best place to start, after which you can add different ingredients to suit your needs.

Basic brown sugar scrub


  • 1/2 cup of sugar (white or brown)
  • 1/2 cup of oil (olive or coconut oil work well)

What to do:

  • Simply mix the sugar and oil together, putting it into an air-tight jar.
  • When in the shower or during your beauty regime, just take as much as you need, rubbing it in a circular motion on your body or face. Wash off with warm water.

Yes it’s that simple!

The sugar scrub will last for up to 2 months but using it twice a week will get you using it up in no time.

30 Great Sugar Scrub Recipes For You To Try

Want to mix it up a bit? Here are 30 sugar scrub recipes that can help you get some inspiration.

1. Raspberry And Lemon Scrub

Get that fruity smell by adding fruit essential oils to your scrub. So good you’ll want to eat it!

2. Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub

If you’re a chocolate lover then this will be your ultimate scrub. It can also make a lovely gift when put into small jars.

3. Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Pack in some extra antioxidants with green tea – your skin will thank you for it!

4. Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

Not only does this smell good, but it makes for a great body scrub as it’s cooling and energizing, antibiotic, and deodorizing.

5. Cucumber And Mint Sugar Scrub

Try this scrub for a refreshing smell and cooling feel – perfect for soothing tired skin.

6. Cranberry Sugar Scrub

Another great source of antioxidants, this cranberry scrub will smell good and keep your skin looking young, fresh and healthy.

7. Lavender and Lemon Sugar Scrub

Create a refreshing lemon or a relaxing lavender scrub – or why not combine the two?

8. Pina Colada Sugar Scrub

If you like to be reminded of that fabulous beach holiday you had last year then this is the scrub for you. Go with exotic smells to recreate this fantastic cocktail-inspired scrub.

9. Unicorn Poop Sugar Scrub

This is a bit more time-consuming, but makes a great, unique gift for friends and family with a sense of humor!

10. Sage And Blackberry Sugar Scrub

This combination gives a great earthy aroma and will leave your skin feeling super soft.

11. Peppermint Sugar Scrub Cubes

Adding peppermint will make sure you wake up properly in your morning shower. Making these convenient cubes can help control how many you use and also makes a great gift for someone special.

12. Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub

Try this winning scented combination for the ultimate shower experience in the morning.

13. Coffee Sugar Scrub

The stimulating properties of coffee makes this scrub great for cellulite and a bonus if you love the smell of coffee in the morning.

14. Orange And Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

Bursting with zesty smells, this is incredibly easy to make and will help heighten your senses.

15. Coconut Rose Body Scrub

This recipe uses salt but substitute it for sugar and you’ve got heavenly scented softer skin.

16. Whipped Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

This scrub makes a great Christmas gift – or just keep it all to yourself!

17. Shea And Vanilla Sugar Scrub

This scrub will leave your skin feeling extra soft with the addition of shea butter and coconut oil.

18. Floral Sugar Scrub

This pretty scrub gives an assortment of smells, and with the addition of flower petals, can look great in any bathroom.

19. Spring Easter Sugar Scrub

A great novelty gift idea in time for Easter. Create these carrot-style scrubs and make someone smile!

20. Lemongrass And Camomile Foot Sugar Scrub

Have a mini spa experience at home and make this great foot scrub that’ll leave your feet sandal-ready this summer.

21. Black Tea Sugar Scrub

If you prefer black tea to green tea then try this wonderful scrub.

22. Strawberry Sugar Scrub

You can’t go wrong with the smell of strawberries, and using cheap freeze-dried strawberries in this recipe will make the best-smelling scrub so far!

23. Margarita Sugar Scrub

Having a girls pamper day? Why not try these margarita scrubs – be careful not to accidentally drink them!

24. Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub

Continuing the drink theme, these root beer scrubs not only smell great but feel great too.

25. Red Wine Sugar Scrub

Prefer red wine over cocktails? Then this is the perfect scrub for you.

26. Coconut Oatmeal Sugar Scrub

The combination of sugar and oatmeal makes this the best exfoliator for dry skin together with the moisturizing qualities of coconut oil.

27. Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub

Love the smell of pumpkin spice? Then make this your go-to scrub this autumn.

28. Cookie Dough Sugar Scrub

If it’s good enough to eat out of the jar then it’s good enough to spread on your skin.

29. Butter Beer Sugar Scrub

One for the Potter fans, this is butter beer in scrub form.

30. Apple And Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

And finally, a classic smell combination for any time of the year. Just be careful not to eat it!

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