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You May Find You Don’t Really Understand Yourself Well After Playing This

Johari Window is a psychological model that helps us to understand more about ourselves and hence to improve ourselves more effectively. “Johari” is a combination of the first names of the two psychologists Joe and Harry.

It is also referred to as a “disclosure/feedback model of self awareness”. Originally it was developed for studying group relations. Later it has been found that this model can actually benefit every individuals like their work and also relationships.

Open Area (Quadrant 1)

This area contains things you know about yourself that are visible to others as well.

Blind area (Quadrant 2)

Things in this area represent what others think or know about you, but you yourself don’t realize.

Hidden area (Quadrant 3)

Things in this area are only known to you but not others. It may be that you’re keeping them private and hiding them from others.

Unknown area (Quadrant 4)

This area is for things that are either about you that no one is aware of, or that are not applicable to you.

Do the exercise to see how your Johari Window is like

First choose the adjectives that you think describe yourself well from the list below:

Then ask your loved ones to choose adjectives they think suit you.

If you find any common adjectives both you and your friends chose, put them into the grid “Open Area”. For what you chose but your loved ones didn’t, put them into “Hidden Area”. For what your loved ones chose but you didn’t, put them into “Blind Area”.

If the results is like the below one where the Open Area is the largest one and the Blind Area is so small, congratulations!

But if it’s the opposite which means the blind area or the hidden area is much larger than the open area, alert!

When the blind area is significantly larger than the other ones, it means feedback is seldom taken or seldom taken seriously. That’s why you don’t know a lot about what people around you know.

When the hidden area is larger, it means you reveal too much about yourself, including the dark sides and your strengths.

The ultimate goal: Enlarge open area

When the open area is large enough, your self-awareness is high and people know you well too.

For individuals, this makes us know more about our strength and weaknesses which can boost our personal growth.

As a team, when the group’s open area is large, which implies the presence of open communication, overall productivity is improved too.

So how to enlarge it? Psychologists suggest that the size of open area largely depends on our self-esteem and also our communication skills. When we have high self-esteem we would dare to disclose more about ourselves. When we acquire active listening skills, we would learn more from people’s feedback.

For more detailed guide to improve these aspects, refer to:

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