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Minimalist Photographer Captures Dramatic Depth of Nature in... crss

Minimalist Photographer Captures Dramatic Depth of Nature in Black and White

The picture-perfect portfolio of Greek photographer George Digalakis is simultaneously rooted in the natural world and subtly surreal. His photographs are shrouded in palpable stillness and mysterious melancholy. They prompt viewers to get lost in the scene and tap into their slumbering subconscious.

With a preference for landscapes and a penchant for minimalism, he skillfully and gracefully captures the understated beauty of nature. Exquisitely dreamy shots of lone trees, misty horizons, and deserted dwellings convey the artist’s uncanny ability to transform ordinary scenes and surroundings into moody masterpieces. Digalakis often utilizes the presence of natural elements (like water) to heighten the innate appeal of these environments. “Water, an element he deeply loves,” his bio states, “can be found in most of his works, but never as their central theme. Rather, he uses the water and the sky as a canvas on which he places his subjects.”  Thanks MyModernMet

In addition to his love of lonely landscapes and atmospheric environments, Digalakis also consistently conveys his underlying emotions and artistic vision through his overall approach to the craft. He shoots solely in black and white, and often opts for a classically square composition to maintain a minimalist aesthetic.

The photographer is also a fan of employing long exposure techniques. This is a creative tactic to “move the images further away from reality.” He even views the time-consuming technique as a vital aspect of his practice, as it gives him time to “not only explore the environment, but also to feel the scene and visualize the final image.” Together, his eye for composition, his meticulous, technical approach, and his admirable appreciation for the process culminate in an expressive yet enigmatic body of work.

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