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Manit Srisuwan: SHE Manit Srisuwan “Goft” (มานิตย์...

Manit Srisuwan: SHE

Manit Srisuwan “Goft” (มานิตย์ ศรีสุวรรณ์) recently completed his fourth solo show, “SHE” at The National Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. The show focused on the feminine, desire for flight, freedom & change, while accepting the arrows of outrageous fortune that necessarily come along with a flight path less taken. This marks a major thematic shift for the artist whose work over the previous 8 years dealt with distorted human figures as wooden drawing puppets suffering their “gam” or karma. I was lucky enough to meet the artist at an art fair last month & recieved a beautiful signed gallery book with all the art from the exhibition. A great reason to get out to galleries & see art in real life!
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