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Being With A Manipulator Is Worse Than Being Single. Learn How To Breakup With Him/Her

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, you should just break up, right? If only it were that simple. Even once you’ve made the difficult decision to end a relationship, you might find that a manipulative partner makes you doubt yourself.

It is because manipulators are really good at dismissing your feelings and concerns

When you tell them your true feelings and express your concerns, they would say you’re overthinking and over-reacting. They’re really good at shifting the responsibility and making you sound wrong.

And why would you fall into this trap so often? Probably you’re not good at saying no

If you’re struggling to leave a relationship, chances are you’re not very good at saying no to people. You might suppress your true feelings to make others happy, or only say what you think people want to hear. This hurts everyone in the long run.

How to be more assertive and plan the breakup conversation

You’re certain that it’s time to break up. But now you need to actually do the breaking up. Following these tips will help everything run smoothly.

  • Predict your partner’s response. Having an idea of what your partner might say allows you to prepare an answer, meaning you won’t say something you regret in the moment.
  • Never reply instantly. If you often reply too quickly and end up agreeing to things without thinking, say something like: “Can you explain that?” or “I need a minute to think about that”, before responding. Don’t agree to stay in the heat of the moment.

Ending a relationship is hard, especially when your partner behaves in a manipulative way. Following these tips will help you to assert yourself better and have a better relationship next time .

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