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ArtFair: JustMAD During February, one of the most important... crss

Rafael Jiménez

Paulo Damiao

Isabel Muñoz

El Rojo

Javier Vázquez


Paulo Damiao

Uriel Con

ArtFair: JustMAD

 During February, one of the most important European Emerging Art Fair opened its doors in Madrid. The main goal this year was to stay strong in supporting emerging art galleries, and especially artists with Art residency programs. Among them, we were especially seduced by (in order of appearance): the plasticine portraits of Rafael Jiménez, the small bubbled images of Paulo Damiao, the delicate photos of Isabel Muñoz, the street art of El Rojo, the polyurethane hyperrealist sculpture of Javier Vázquez, the red paintings of Jesus Zurita, the intimist painting of Paco Pomet, and the post-pop art of the Colombian artist Uriel Goon. 

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