Monday, March 13, 2017

  The Art of David StenbeckVivid and enthralling, the work of... crss

  The Art of David Stenbeck

Vivid and enthralling, the work of David Stenbeck goes beyond using the human body and landscape as subjects to manipulate. An interview for Majestigal Magazine,revealed that David was not only a ‘’a watcher of sorts, making observations and translating them somehow’’, but the editor-in-chief of Floret Magazine, a literary magazine ‘’that publishes young/new poets and novelists in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian’’. 

David continue to explain in his interview that ‘’photography to me has been more of a fun seance, where I get to act out a bit, though still working with the same theoretic aesthetics or linguistics as I do in my writing. But it’s gaining on me.’’

Continue to be enthralled by his art here / Check him out at Floret Magazine

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