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You'll Surely Be Happier In The Future By Making This Decision Now

We ask you a simple question: Are you happy? Do you plan to be, or rather, do you think you’ll be a happy person 10 years from now? If your answer to the first question is no, then the answer to the second question is also likely to be a big, fat nope…  Why? Because putting off happiness for later sometimes makes it disappear…

To be happier in the future, decide to be happier today

Seth Godin said, “The best way to be happy 5-10 years from now is to do something today you will be happy you did.” And that is so true – we all sacrifice our happiness today in a bid to be happier later. We make sacrifices – spend more time at our office to earn more money, thinking that the money will make us joyful later. But what if by then we lose our health? Or worse, our loved ones?

The future is always uncertain

We can plan for the future in terms of money, but we cannot plan our happiness or health levels of the future. One way to make sure that we are happy in the future too is to do something today that makes us happy and leaves us with no regrets later. A person who is happy is one who has no regrets of not having done this or that. He/She does not regret not having spent enough time with his/her loved ones. He/She does not regret not trying something he/she really wanted to do; he/she is the one who has lived life to the fullest…[1]

So go ahead and do something that makes you happy today. Start an exercise routine, go back to school, and learn to play the guitar or just paint your nails. Think of happiness as a bank – you have to invest a little something every day to reap the benefits later! The happiness you gift yourself on an everyday basis will make for a happier you tomorrow…


[1] Forbes: Die With No Regrets

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