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Why You Shouldn't Use A Perfect Photo For Your Online Dating Profile

Your online dating profile has been up for a week, but you haven’t gotten a single message. So why aren’t you seeing results? Your description is fantastic, your interests are compelling, and you spent hours getting your picture just right. There might be a simple explanation: Your picture is too good.

Sounds crazy, right? According to research at, people who have a perfect photo are less likely to get hits. It can make you seem unapproachable and people may think they don’t have any chance of landing a date with you because of it. People may also think you’re insecure or trying too hard.

Instead of painstakingly crafting the perfect image, choose a photo that is attractive and shows the real you. Use natural lighting and don’t try to cover up every blemish or imperfection. Pick a photo with some personality or that shows you doing something you love. At the very least, smile. A genuine smile with a sparkle in your eye will get them almost every time.

Get back on your dating profile and take a good look at the photo you’ve chosen. If it’s “perfect,” try a different one and see what happens. People will see who you really are and you’ll have more messages and opportunities than you can imagine.

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