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If You Want To Spend Less Time On Social Media, Try This Interesting Trick

If the minute you wake up, the minute you are on break at work or in school, or the minute before you sleep, you find yourself browsing on Facebook or your other social media accounts, then you are hooked on it.

The awakening thought is that not all the time we spend browsing our social media accounts are productive. Hours spent gazing on our phones can be hours spent doing something much more productive. But, with today’s easy accessibility to cellphones and the internet, it is hard to get away from social media. Minute by minute, you find yourself pressing the home button of your phone and clicking on your social media app. And once you are in, it is hard to stop.

So how can we control ourselves from spending too much time on social media?

A trick is to disable the automatic log-in when you open a social media app. That way, you will find it a hassle to always enter in your username and password each time you open the app. An even better way than that is to change your password into something that is barely easy to remember. Something like: ?.:876(-y{gf. Keep a copy of the password somewhere that is not easily accessible, such as in your bedroom when you have to be in school or at work the whole day. That way, every time you feel the urge to go on your social media account, you will not have your password handy. And that way, it is always kept in a safe place where you can find it whenever you actually need it.

This trick should work as long as you want it to work. Remember, no cheating with memorizing the password. If it works for you, it will add more productive hours to your day each and every day.

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