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If You Are Giving Up Your Pets Because of A Breakup or Divorce, You Should Watch This Video.

Breakups can be very hard, but most people don’t think about how difficult it is for the pets that are involved.

“Gift” is an emotional short film that aims to change that. The film is about a couple who give up their pet without considering how difficult that must be for the pet.

The film begins with a little girl experiencing a very important day. She is going to meet her new family for the first time, and she is nervous and excited. When she arrives at her new home, she is greeted with excitement and joy, and the girl quickly bonds with her new family.

The family spends lots of time together celebrating birthdays and taking trips together. But one day, things change. Her parents start to find her troublesome and difficult, and they seem less happy – so they decide to get rid of her.

Instead of working through their issues, the parents coldly leave their child to fend for herself. You may think this seems heart-breaking, but sadly, it is something that happens to hundreds of pets every day.

The short filmed was created by Hungarian studio DeadLens Picture, and the producer, Attila Görögh, said he created it after seeing a cold, lonely dog on the streets. He knew that if it was a child, everyone would help, but because it was a dog, they simply kept walking.

This is an important and inspiring work. According to the Humane Society of the United States, six to eight million cats and dogs enter shelters every year. Many animals feel lonely, scared and isolated – and it is our duty to speak up for those animals.

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