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Best Tips on How to do a Car Oil Change

The last thing to come to mind when planning to buy a new car might be the cost of maintenance. However, if you have regular checkups on your car engine you can hopefully avoid frequent repairs which can result from failure to maintain the vehicle properly. The single most important thing that can be done to maintain the engine of a car in good condition is changing its oil regularly.  Good news: you can do it yourself!

Here are tips on changing your car engine oil.

1. Gather your tools and equipment.

Before changing your car engine oil, ensure that you have assembled all the right tools for the job. You will need an oil filter and a channel to collect the runoff oil to recycle it. (An old plastic container works well.) You will also want an appropriate and affordable oil for your car. Check the manufacture’s manual for the right weights and types. Also, get a funnel, a normal wrench, and a safe set of blocks or wheel jacks so that you can get under the car.

2. Warm it up.

Get your car in the mood for an expert grade oil change by running it for about fifteen minutes, then turn it off. The residues will move slowly out of the engine.

3. Drain it.

After the car is jacked up for easier access and the parking brake is set for safety, you can drill out the old oil. Place a pan or plastic container underneath the oil drain cap, loosen its bolt with your standard strain, and remove the wedge being careful to keep your hands and other valuables out of the way of the hot oil. It shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to completely drain out the old oil.

Place a pan or plastic container under the oil drain plug. (It’s easy to neglect to do this step.) Put the plug bolt back in the pan. You may want to also change its washer while it’s turned off. Then screw back together the parts.

4. Look for the oil filter.

The next step is to open up the hood and locate the oil filter- a Coke can-size object that is usually underneath the hood, but sometimes under the car.

Now change it. Loosen with the right size oil filter drive and remove it, being careful not to spill oil.  Replace it with the new oil, making sure to rub the new filter’s seal with a small amount of oil and use your hand to gently tighten the filter. (The wrench can exert too much force for this step.)

Don’t forget the refill. Find the oil cover under the hood of your car, and use the specified weight and amount of oil for your model of car. Change the cap, and in a few seconds check to make sure the oil level falls between the “below” and “full” marks on the dipstick.

Changing your oil isn’t a hard task. Years ago you would have had to do it yourself, anyway. With shops charging such high prices, it’s time to get under your car and start cutting costs. Plus, you won’t be coerced into buying expensive engine oil, wiper blades, and PCV valves every time you go for your car oil change.

Although replacing the oil might look simple, many people do it the wrong way, making it a more difficult task or are overpaying for oil changes they could be doing themselves. Changing the oil in your car is something that you can do regularly that’s the single most vital task you can do to make your engine last longer. I hope that these tips were helpful.

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