Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Are You More Intelligent Than Average? Take This Cambridge Online Test

Do you think of yourself as intelligent? There is no doubt that at one point or another you’ve wondered what your IQ is. And while you may not want to go through the hassle of going to your nearest MENSA center for a complete test, you also know better than to rely on those 5 minute online IQ tests that are really just to generate web traffic and to collect your personal data. Fortunately, there is a nice middle ground.If you have about 45 minutes to spare, then The Psychometrics Centre of the University of Cambridge has an online IQ test that you can take.

The test consists of 29 questions, and make no mistake, they are quite challenging. If you really want to do well on this test and impress your friends with your results, I suggest you set aside a dedicated time to focus solely on this test. And get a pen and paper too; trust me, you’ll need it.The questions themselves are mostly related to pattern recognition; you will be given a series of shapes and you have to figure out which shape logically follows. It is said that pattern recognition abilities have the highest correlation with the general intelligence factor, as being able to discern order from chaos is a primary condition for life.

While you would probably get the best results from setting aside a dedicated time to do this test, you also have the option of saving your progress. Note that this will require you to login with your Facebook account, so keep that in mind if you’re the sort who prefers to give out as little of their personal data as possible.

Just remember, regardless of what your score is, intelligence is not the only factor that determines our quality of life. So if you score high, don’t get cocky; and if you score low, don’t despair.

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