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Aisling Micro HotelWith a name inspired by the Irish Gaelic word...

Aisling Micro Hotel

With a name inspired by the Irish Gaelic word for “dream” or “vision”, it’s no wonder Aisling Micro Hotel’s focus is on seclusion and escapism. Its two luxurious suites beguile with lavish Jacuzzis and sprawling verandas, and their views towards the caldera are poetry to the eye.

Whether you choose to stay in the absorbing Daydream Suite or the gorgeous two-level Lucid Suite, your privacy and pampering are assured at this unique Santorini retreat. Both units are exquisitely designed in a style reflective of the Cyclades, with crisp whitewashed interiors, stylish built-in furnishings, and vibrant pops of turquoise.

Nevertheless, the hotel is deeply committed to romance, with a staff ready to fulfil your every desire, be it a candlelit dinner for two, a relaxing massage, or a private sailing tour.

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