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A Parent’s Guide to Horse Riding for Children

As any parent knows, children may try out any number of weird and wonderful pastimes before they find something they really enjoy. Obviously, it is much easier to encourage them into particular hobbies when you (the parent) are interested in it also. For example, consider the incredibly successful families in the world of sports. This post from Eurosport lists some of the most successful sporting parents whose children went on to sporting glory.

However, if your children decide they are keen on something in which you have little or no experience, it is a much greater challenge. Some new hobbies are more challenging than others. For example, if your kid fancies a musical instrument, a piano or guitar might be more manageable than a drum set.

One example of a hobby which can be tough for inexperienced parents to get their heads around is horse riding. It is a great pastime for children in a number of ways. It can be great fun whilst also teaching them discipline and responsibility, but it can be a bit daunting for parents with no experience in it. However, thanks to an infographic from, it no longer needs to be.

“A Parent’s Guide to Horse Riding for Children” explains everything from lesson fees to basic riding gear and everything in between. Take a look for yourself.

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