Monday, January 23, 2017

This Cook Gave A Kid A Miracle. He Never Expected What Followed.

Winston Churchill once said,

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

To be able to give is a fortune, and many of us have felt the spark of happiness when we were able to give our time, money or effort to somebody else, hoping to ease their burden.

In a brief three minutes, the video captured the spirit of giving through describing a cook who gave a child a second chance after he was caught stealing medicine for his mother.

It began with a child rushing madly out of a pharmaceutical store, holding packs of medicine. He was caught almost as soon as he ran, but a cook nearby surprised him by not only paying for the things he stole, but giving him a warm bowl of veggie soup as well. Not knowing what to say, he took off as soon as possible.

It was 30 years later when the cook was diagnosed with a debilitating disease which cost a massive sum of money to cure. Not knowing what to do, his daughter was almost forced to sell their business to cover the expenses. However, it wasn’t long before a short note came in, stating that “all expenses were paid 30 years ago with 3 packs of painkillers and a bag of veggie soup”.

Giving isn’t about expecting a return. Yet, the seeds you have sowed would create a cycle of kindness, making this world a better place. Start giving to create a brighter, more loving society.

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