Friday, January 13, 2017

Learn This Genius Way To Carry Your Key While Out For a Run Next Time

It’s a new year and you have made the decision to add more exercise to your daily routine. You enjoy running, but once at the gym or the track, you struggle with figuring out the best way to carry your key. If you are like me, there are days when you stand outside of your car and debate with yourself about what the best option is.

Should you hide the key somewhere outside the car? Will anyone see it if it is underneath your tire or on the inside of the gas cap? Deciding to bring it with you on your run can also be problematic. What would happen if the key fell out of your pocket while you were running? Where can you put it to ensure that you don’t lose it?

Here’s how to carry your key with you on your next workout:

carry keys

Simply take your car key off the key ring and lace it through the laces of a pair of running shoes! It doesn’t get much easier to carry your key around than that! Want to see exactly how to get this done?

Here is a quick video detailing this life hack for you to follow:

Credit: DaveHax

This trick only fails if your car key is an actual key fob, but you can easily fix it. Simply add the key fob to a key ring and it will fit through the laces on running shoes, the same as an actual key. Since a key fob is heavy, make sure to secure it more tightly when you tie your shoelaces.

Here is to a healthier and happier New Year!

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