Tuesday, January 3, 2017

5 Tips On Overcoming Marijuana

Marijuana or cannabis are really controversial as various experts consider it as either good or bad for your health.

It is generally believed that 10% of the people using marijuana will become addicted to it. However, the good news is that, if this happens to be you, you can overcome this addiction. Here’s what symptoms you need to look out for.


If there is someone in your family who is addicted to weed and is not actually disclosing the fact, here are some important symptoms which can give you a hint if they are addicted:

  1. There will be more socially isolated (i.e. he or she will be usually withdrawn from the social, family meet-ups or in other social gatherings).
  2. Insomnia is another strong indicator of this addiction as staying up late may be a cause.
  3. Mood swings and irritability are also common symptoms of weed addiction. If you find someone with quick mood changes without any reason, it may become obvious that the person may be addicted to such drugs.

If you or your loved ones are caught in this addictive behaviour of using marijuana, here are some really great tips on how to overcome it:

1. Seek inpatient rehabilitation programs

Inpatient rehabilitation programs are especially great if there are other associated mental illnesses along with the marijuana addiction.

Such programs can be extremely successful in helping people to overcome this addiction because they are under supervised medical help and it provides more structure.

2. Behavioral Therapy Helps

People use weed in order to shift their mood or deal with depression. Instead of using weed to cure or suppress the depression and demotivation, a behavioural approach would be more than handy.

Behavioral therapy is administered through professional intervention. This can be in a group setting or one-on-one. There are many benefits to either setting; it really depends on the individual which setting would be more beneficial.

3. Do physical exercise

Physical exercise is considered one of the most important aspects to overcoming any addiction. Regular walking, as well as other exercise, can help to overcome stress and depression, which is often linked with the use of recreational drugs.

You can start by walking around your office or nearby building block to create that adrenaline rush that releases endorphins, producing an overall more positive mood.

4.Use online resources

You can also get quit smoking help through the internet to learn about your own smoking habit and how you can actually incorporate small changes into your life to quit this addiction.

There are also different forums where people share their own personal experiences and provide tips how that have helped them deal with their addiction.

5. Find local support groups

Finding and getting help from local support groups is also another key step towards recovering from this addiction.

Local groups can either be administrated through the city or they can also be privately managed by non-profit organisations.

This becomes very important if you work better with face-to-face communication, not forums or online resources.

Support groups may be held once a week or once a month—it really depends on the group.

You can also join more than one.

6. Avoid caffeine

Try to avoid caffeine when you are addicted to marijuana.

A study showed that people who have caffeine and smoke marijuana are much more likely to become addicted. In fact, coffee or other caffeine products will increase your high if you’re smoking marijuana during that time.

You can gradually withdraw from caffeine, which will most likely make a positive impact on your marijuana addiction.

Commitment to making small, daily changes as well as consistent action can easily result in an effective recovery from this addiction. You can beat it!

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