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4 Ways to Rebuild Struggling Relationships

Most people that have made it through their teenage years have at least a few failed relationships under their belt. Failed relationships are a part of life and can often be extremely helpful in maintaining current and future relationships.

That doesn’t make it any easier when you are in the middle of a failing relationship. Some relationships just don’t have what it takes to make it, but others can be saved. Those that make it through the stressful times often come out with a better relationship than ever before.

Here are a few things that can be helpful in helping in getting a failing relationship back on track before it is too late:

Love Language

There have been numerous studies in recent years about love languages and how they play into a relationship. The five love languages are words of affirmations, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch.[1] These languages are essentially the way that we as individuals prefer to be loved. For example, some people like to be loved by being served. They love to be surprised with a clean house or breakfast in bed. For others, they prefer a more physical form of love.

The important thing to know about love languages is that when you are showing love to a person in a relationship, you should do so in their love language, not your own. You can figure out their love language through trial and error, or go the quicker route of having an open and honest discussion. Obviously, the latter is the preferred method.

Rebuild the Spark

Typically, people get in a relationship based on an initial spark. They are attracted to each other and they use that attraction to build a relationship based on other things. Fortunately, even after lost, that attraction can be rekindled. Sometimes there are things that those in the relationship have done to damage the attraction. Simple things like giving up on looking nice for your partner, or changing your hygiene habits can do this.

It could also be an issue with what is called pheromones.[2] These are essentially what lead to attraction between people. If the issue is just a lack of passion or attraction, doing something with pheromones could be what you need to spark up your relationship again.

Go Back to What Worked

In every relationship, there is typically at least one point in the relationship where things were great. This is generally the beginning. There are usually reasons that things were going so well then, and are no longer going quite as well now. Take a little time and try to remember what it is that originally sparked the relationship. Try to display some of the same qualities that were originally displayed. If your adventurous spirits are what attracted you to each other then go on an adventure together! Whatever it was that worked before, try it again.


When all else fails you can try just loving and serving each other. This will not only help build mutual appreciation, but oftentimes, people find themselves loving those that they serve, as strange as that may sound. The reason is likely that when you try and help someone, you often put yourself in their shoes and start to see what their life is like and why they may be the way they are. Suddenly, you find yourself relating to them and things become much easier.

These are by no means the only ways to improve a relationship, but implementing at least a few of these can be incredibly helpful in helping get things back on track. Rebuilding a relationship is hard work and don’t be surprised if things don’t seem to be working at first. Stick to it and things will always improve!

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