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3 Fun Activities You Can Plan For A Baby Shower

Most baby showers involve far more than gift giving, snacks, and chit chat about the imminent arrival. Most traditional baby showers also involve games and activities.

These activities serve as both a reminder of the support network surrounding an expectant couple, and as a much needed distraction from preparing for a new baby.

Over the last decade, baby showers have become increasingly gender-neutral, and many now disregard the need for themed color schemes and gifts. The same can be said of popular shower activities – for instance, 20 years ago, the games played were very feminine. But the themes and activities associated with modern showers are more diverse, basically depending upon what the soon-to-be parents choose.

To name just a few things to keep in mind, moms- and dads-to-be have to consider their guests preferences such as resolving dietary preferences, while dealing with picky eaters or those who are controlling their kid’s sugar intake.

The Classic Shower

As an example of a typically gender-centric activity, old-fashioned baby showers used to involve games including “fun” activities like flashing the belly of the pregnant woman through a projector screen setup and have everybody size it.

While this might sound unusual, it actually gives close friends and family members the chance to talk and ask questions about the physical aspects of a pregnancy, without seeming too forthright or inappropriate. It is very important when it comes to physical games like this one that it is clear whether or not the expectant mother will be comfortable. If games like this are on your list, you might want to think about drawing up a female-only guest list.

The Gender-Neutral Shower

It is much more common these days for baby showers to be relatively gender-less. This means that baby-related contest, games, and activities are suitable for both men and women. A good example is ‘Finish the Rhyme,’ which sees the host (or the pregnant woman) reciting nursery rhymes from a book. The job of the guests is to guess the words that she intentionally misses out. The individual who guesses the most missing words receives a prize. In fact, guessing games are extremely common, because they are easy to set up and the rules are simple – why not try “Guess the Baby Food,” or “Guess the Baby Product”? Of course, you can change the topic, be creative and tweak the game, or offer prizes.

The Boys Better Shower

As more men are getting involved with baby showers, it is important to make sure that they also are catered to. While the best thing to do is always to try and reach a good balance between gendered activities, by planning games which are suitable for everybody, it is true that boys-only activities can introduce their own brand of fun.

For instance, the host can organize a diaper changing competition, and let the men duke it out for the title of Champion of the Change. For a variation on this theme, get the male guests to put together the perfect “day out with baby” bag, and then have female guests judge the results.

In essence, a baby shower is designed to take off some of the financial pressure associated with preparing for the arrival of a child (by offering gifts and useful items), and to distract expectant parents from all of the work and stress involved in getting ready for a new baby. One must not go very serious on preparing such event or fret out shopping for the gifts since it can be easily bought online. What’s important is that the baby shower activities needs to be fun, creative, lighthearted, and entertaining.

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