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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

loladupre: Exploding Hedy Lamarr #2 paper collage on panel, 8.2...

loladupre : Exploding Hedy Lamarr #2 paper collage on panel, 8.2 x 11.6 inches  website | ello | Behance |  instagram

What Happens When People Are Told They're Beautiful (It'll Make You Smile)

Mehmet Genç, who also goes by the name of Rotasiz Seyyah (which roughly translates as “nomad without a route”), a travel photographer from Turkey creates and shares beautiful pictures that spread positivity wherever he goes. In his “You Are So Beautiful” photo project, he tells the people he encounters that they’re beautiful and then clicks a photograph of their response. He worked six years in the IT field before quitting to follow his heart and nurturing his creativity. Currently living in Manaus, Brazil, he has over 91k followers on Instagram. His photo project goes on to show that saying a kind word to a stranger, or offering a sincere compliment, can work wonders in making this world a better and more beautiful place. Here are some of his snaps: All images belong to  Rotasiz Seyyah. View more of his lovely pictures here. So what are you waiting for? Share this and spread happiness today! Featured photo credit: Rotasiz Seyyah. via The post What Happe

5 Most Common Life Mistakes People Make In Their 20s

What You Might Be Getting Wrong In Your 20s Your twenties is a challenging decade. You’ve probably finished school and have taken the first steps up the career ladder. Old friendships might be changing, your first significant romantic relationship might be beginning or ending, and you are probably still trying to work out what you want and what you need to be doing with your life. How you choose to approach life will make a big difference to how well you navigate this tricky ten-year period. Read on to discover the five ways in which you may be sabotaging your own happiness as a twentysomething. Common Mistake #1 Forcing yourself to figure out all the important things in life, and expecting them to happen all at once Young people today are under an incredible amount of pressure to establish a successful career as soon as possible, to find the perfect partner at the earliest opportunity and to discover their ultimate vision by the age of thirty. Is it any wonder that mental health

What Not To Do Anymore In 2017

Ditch These Habits In The New Year Does your mentality need a makeover for 2017? It’s traditional to start a new exercise or diet plan in January, but have you ever considered trying to overhaul your attitude and general approach to life instead? When it comes to honing in on your priorities, achieving your goals and increasing your overall happiness, there are seven bad habits you simply have to kick before you can start taking giant leaps forward. Don’t expect that such drastic change will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it when you start noticing the difference in all areas of your life. Stop Caring What Others Think Do you tend to place far too much importance on what someone else is thinking and how they might be passing judgement on your actions? Stop! When you prioritize the opinion of others over your own, you will end up miserable. Have the confidence to judge for yourself what is the best way forward for you. No-one else can fully appreciate what it’s like to liv

It's Hard Not To Cry Watching This Emotional Video Which Shows The Best Love In The World

An Emotional Heart Tearing Video that Shows True Parental Love Get some tissues ready. This video will make you cry and cry hard. Watch it to the end for a look at the best love in the world: parental love. Parents only want the best for their children. They brought us into this world and kept us safe from harm. If their love was a force field, it would be a mile thick, surrounding us continuously. An unconditional love, a parent’s love isn’t always reciprocated, and yet they continue to offer their love and support. Children do not realize the complexities of life. When we were young, we were kept sheltered from the debts and problems that the parents faced; poverty, unhappiness and even illnesses. In fact, it is rare that we are able to glimpse into the depth of their love for us. They work to provide us food, shelter and education, even when they do not have enough for themselves. They give us stability in life, even if it’s an illusion. This emotional video from KST TV provide

See What Happens When This Goat With Anxiety Is Given Duck Costume

Meet Polly. Polly, as you’ve probably guessed, is a goat. She is also blind and neurologically impaired. Her owners say that she used to run around crying when she couldn’t find them and would even suck on the walls! She was in bad shape. Courtesy of But she does none of that now. By some miracle, her owners found the answer to Polly’s problem in a duck outfit they found in the kid’s section at Marshalls. For some reason, when she puts on the goat costume she goes immediately from terrified to chill! Courtesy of Why does a costume make such a difference for Polly? We don’t know. All we know is that it changed her life! Besides, what’s cuter than a goat in a duck outfit? Featured photo credit: via The post See What Happens When This Goat With Anxiety Is Given Duck Costume appeared first on Lifehack . from Lifehack

The Best Mentality For Life That Will Make You Much Happier And More Successful

Your Attitude Makes All The Difference We are all born with our own gifts and talents, but what separates an average person from a truly exceptional individual? Quite simply, the way you approach life and how much effort you put into self-improvement can propel you from a mediocre existence to a life that is so much more fulfilling. Your mentality shapes the messages you send yourself. It dictates your level of self-esteem, how much progress you can expect to make in life and even the way others treat you. Changing your mentality isn’t easy but the rewards are substantial. Self-improvement Is Key If you want to develop your skills and reach your goals, you need to make self-improvement a big part of your life. As the saying goes, the bridge between dreams and goals is action. For every key area in your life, make a list of your main objectives and ways in which you would like to grow. For example, you may wish to become a more competent artist and learn how to draw people, animals,