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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Fashion photography by Brian Ziff Brian Ziff is a photographer,...

Fashion photography by Brian Ziff Brian Ziff  is a photographer, musician, digital artist, retoucher and graphic designer from Santa Monica, California. Anonymous asked him: How are you so talented? It’s not fair.   Talent is an illusion created by effort applied over time. Nobody is talented - he replied. His works enjoy considerable popularity on Instagram  and Tumblr. You can hear also his music on . Discover more of these gems on our Facebook . posted by Margaret   via

The Creation of New Artwork Everydayfor Nearly 10 Years by Mike...

The Creation of New Artwork Everydayfor Nearly 10 Years by Mike Winkelmann For 3,424 consecutive days-which comes out to 9 years, 4 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days-Mike Winkelmann, aka @beeple , has been creating pieces of art that he refers to as “everydays.” Each piece of art is created, from start to finish, in just a day. That’s it. A day. Not only am I impressed with the quality, the different types of art, and the subjects, but the fact that he has created a piece of art everyday for 9 and a half years is absolutely amazing. I’m blown away by that. I struggle getting out of bed and making myself breakfast each morning, and this dude is pumping out pieces of art for nearly 10 years straight. Unreal. I tip my cap to the creativity, determination, and drive of Winkelmann.  Make sure you follow him on here @beeple , as well as on Instagram  and Twitter .  Follow Cross Connect on Facebook || Twitter || Instagram Posted by Dan Donnarumma

Lazy Pad Takes Pressure off Your Body, Arms, and Shoulders While Lying on Your Stomach

Lazy Pad is an ergonomic pad to take pressure off your body, arms, and shoulders. Younger people these days – teenagers and young professionals – often assume the most peculiar poses when doing work on their mobile devices (including netbooks and laptops) or using the same for leisure. Experts note, however, that such flexibility may lead to various musculoskeletal problems. So, for example, when they lie on the floor, their wrists, elbows, shoulders, as well as the lower back start aggregating negative tension – given unnatural positioning. Lazy Pad concept tries to tackle this problem by creating a practical ergonomic pad that will relieve stress from body parts, allowing users the freedom of using their devices while lying on their stomachs. Designer : CoolWares Lab Although users routinely report experiencing physical problems, currently no product or system that we know of has been designed specifically to address them. The spring pad of Lazy Pad takes the pressure and bod