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The Creation of New Artwork Everydayfor Nearly 10 Years by Mike...

The Creation of New Artwork Everydayfor Nearly 10 Years by Mike Winkelmann

For 3,424 consecutive days-which comes out to 9 years, 4 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days-Mike Winkelmann, aka @beeple, has been creating pieces of art that he refers to as “everydays.” Each piece of art is created, from start to finish, in just a day. That’s it. A day. Not only am I impressed with the quality, the different types of art, and the subjects, but the fact that he has created a piece of art everyday for 9 and a half years is absolutely amazing. I’m blown away by that. I struggle getting out of bed and making myself breakfast each morning, and this dude is pumping out pieces of art for nearly 10 years straight. Unreal. I tip my cap to the creativity, determination, and drive of Winkelmann. 

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