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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

crossconnectmag: Vlad Gradobyk art Selected works by very...

crossconnectmag : Vlad Gradobyk art Selected works by very talented  Vlad Gradobyk  aka AC44  student from Ukraine. Keep in touch! Like Cross Connect on Facebook ! posted by Margaret

crossconnectmag: Featured Curator: Yellowmenace...

crossconnectmag : Featured Curator: Yellowmenace [ Yellowmenace ] At first glance, Gordon Cheung ’s collaged paintings look like an art student experimenting with Photoshop filters for the first time. The posterization, find edges, & solarized effects are actually achieved via a complex process of actual layering, which for Cheung always begins with the stock listings from newspapers as his base. Cheung’s multi-media collages capture the hallucinations between the virtual & actual realities of a globalized world oscillating between Utopia & Dystopia. “I like to think of the bull riders as a contemporary version of the minotaur, which to me is an analogy of the financial bull market & extreme corporate being.” Quote source: ArtWorld interviewed by Paul Carey-Kent Gordon Cheung is a British Born Chinese (BBC) of Hong Kong origin, born in 1975. He lives & works in London. Cheung graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2001 with an MFA in pa

Illustrations by Tran Nguyenwebsite l dA l fb

Illustrations by Tran Nguyen website l dA l fb

Amazing Dot Work by Petra Kostova Vol.2 Petra Kostova...

Amazing Dot Work by Petra Kostova  Vol.2 Petra Kostova (featured previously)  is the graphic designer behind the project  Pet & Dot . She again impresses us with his work. Follow her on Tumblr: @ pet-and-dot Don’t forget to tag #crossconnect in your tweets ! posted by tu recepcja

Big Design 2016 Discount & Giveaway

Big Design 2016 Discount & Giveaway

Hand Painted Mugs by InkyDreamz dA l shop

Hand Painted Mugs by  InkyDreamz dA l shop

Selected work by illustrator Thomas Danthony Thomas Danthony is...

Selected work by illustrator Thomas Danthony Thomas Danthony is a french artist based in London. His work often contains a narrative enhanced with a clever use of light that allows the images to tell a story and makes the spectator think. Since his first solo show in Paris in 2015, he is now painting regularly. Stay current on his  INSTAGRAM  and  TWITTER . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret

Gecko Bionic Design Window Cleaner by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

Gecko Bionic Design Window Cleaner , just like its name suggests, this concept window cleaner was inspired by a Gecko’s ability to climb different surfaces easy. The key to the gecko’s sticking success is that tiny hair like structures called setae that can be found on the base of its toes. Those microscopic bristles have the ability to split into hundreds of nano-sized tips called septula, giving gecko adhesive abilities on dry and smooth glass or walls. Recently, several robots for building façade cleaning have been designed and developed to reduce the cost of these tasks as well as increase the safety of workers. Keeping this mind, Olcay Karabulut has designed a unique window cleaner for household and small office use. Designer : Olcay Tuncay Karabulut Cleaning materials are kept inside injection molding of the product, it’ll vacuum the surface to clean any dust or debris while the glass cleaner sprays would perform cleaning together with wiper. Dirty water are stored inside o