Friday, August 5, 2016

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Featured Curator: Yellowmenace [Yellowmenace]

At first glance, Gordon Cheung’s collaged paintings look like an art student experimenting with Photoshop filters for the first time. The posterization, find edges, & solarized effects are actually achieved via a complex process of actual layering, which for Cheung always begins with the stock listings from newspapers as his base.

Cheung’s multi-media collages capture the hallucinations between the virtual & actual realities of a globalized world oscillating between Utopia & Dystopia.

“I like to think of the bull riders as a contemporary version of the minotaur, which to me is an analogy of the financial bull market & extreme corporate being.”
Quote source: ArtWorld interviewed by Paul Carey-Kent

Gordon Cheung is a British Born Chinese (BBC) of Hong Kong origin, born in 1975. He lives & works in London. Cheung graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2001 with an MFA in painting.

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