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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

crossconnectmag: Bahadir Baruter  x-ist hosts Bahadır Baruter’s...

crossconnectmag : Bahadir Baruter  x-ist hosts Bahadır Baruter’s new solo show Home Sweet Home   Questioning societal taboos through intimate portraits, Baruter brings to light hidden realities of the concepts of home and marriage through a fictional narrative. As a continuation of his previous show, Your Family is a Lie, Dear, Baruter this time delves into the inner worlds of women who are raised with the goals of marriage and raising a family. Peeling off the masks that people put on in order to disguise their true feelings inside a household, Bahadır invites the audience for an introspective look through characters that stare the viewer in the eye. The women in his stories yearn for the release of their true spirit after realizing the difference between what their dreams offered them and what they are actually experiencing. Now these civilized characters of Baruter desire more than ever a life in touch with their true selves and nature. We witness an inner

Strange Human-Animal Hybrids by Japanese Artist Tomohiro...

Strange Human-Animal Hybrids by Japanese Artist Tomohiro Takagi Fantastical (and some slightly disturbing) paintings by Japanese artist Tomohiro Takagi, many depicting humans casually donning the carcasses of animals or intimately fused with them,strange hybrids.  Via For more Unique Art follow us on Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

turecepcja: Illustrations by Lina Kusaite Lina Kusaite is a...

turecepcja : Illustrations by Lina Kusaite Lina Kusaite is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and art coach, working in Brussels, Belgium. Her professional life was influenced by a mix of Post-Soviet, Dutch and French education systems in the Arts and Fashion Design disciplines. Such a varied mix has taught her to balance different art techniques with strong concept development.

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Diabetes: The Silent Scourge

Diabetes: The Silent Scourge

Minimal Design by Alexey Malina“Seven Sins”Seven Sins is a...

Minimal Design by Alexey Malina Minimal Design by Alexey Malina Minimal Design by Alexey Malina Minimal Design by Alexey Malina Minimal Design by Alexey Malina Minimal Design by Alexey Malina Minimal Design by Alexey Malina Minimal Design by Alexey Malina “Seven Sins” Seven Sins is a series of seven artworks dedicated to the concept of deadly sins. Each poster portrays gradual transformation, where the purity of objects distorts right before eyes. A very laconic reflection of the hidden principle of a sin. Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

The Infographic Resume by Hannah Morgan: Interview & Giveaway

The Infographic Resume by Hannah Morgan: Interview & Giveaway

Re-Cover: Sustainable Skyscraper Enclosure to Produce Eco-Friendly Energy in Sustainable Cycle

Due to Industrial Revolution, modern cities have suffered from extreme changes. There are many artificial environment and cities that humans are comforted with, but it’s not natural, it can jeopardize the balance and harmony of the environment. Re-Cover project is a futuristic sustainable skyscraper enclosure that can produce eco-friendly energy in sustainable cycle. Nowadays, more than 55% of world population live in megacities, there are more than 10 million population and it keeps increasing. Modern skyscrapers are born almost every year from that necessity to disperse dense complexity of horizontal cities, so we need to expand vertically, making more effective use of scarce land. Unfortunately, that demand is also followed by social and environmental problems where megacities continue to spend energy and resources at high rate. We need a new sustainable model for a skyscraper. Designers : Soomin Kim and Seo-Hyun Oh The idea here to follow the law of recovery and coexistence,

Daniele Buetti - HandsSource: pikeys

Daniele Buetti - Hands Source: pikeys

Vanmoof Smartbike Comes with Anti-Theft Parts and Tracking Feature

VanMoof SmartBike , the company claims that this project is the smartest thing on wheels, it’s not your ordinary bike. Thieves won’t be able to steal your bike, VanMoof guarantees it. Can you find which company that believes in its product would be willing to give you the same promise? VanMoof SmartBike comes with anti-theft parts and tracking feature, it would terrify all bike thieves. Even when a thief is super brilliant to get all past that, the company promises that they will get your stolen bike back in 2 weeks, otherwise, you’ll be given a new bike. It’s part of VanMoof Peace of Mind Service, this warranty is free of charge for the first 2 years. This is the ultimate city bike, instead of getting rustier with time, this bike would get smarter. It is jam-packed with technology inside the frame, you can download a special app where you can unlock the bike with a touch of a finger, no more key. Designer : Vanmoof The essential parts that bike thieves love are protected with a