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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Hallie Elizabethbehance l tumblrl instagram l shop

Hallie Elizabeth  behance l tumblr  l instagram l shop

Unknown Horizons by Øystein Sture Aspelund Øystein Sture...

Unknown Horizons by Øystein Sture Aspelund Øystein Sture Aspelund  is a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. These illustrations can be seen as abstract photographs, taken on trips I have made during last 5 years. In minimalistic way they tell a different tale of each place, with its shifting in light and color, questioning the physical world as we see it.  Like captured memories the illustrations transform the elements on each place into a new horizon with a spatial endlessness, similar to the one the ocean possesses, creating a blur of senses. Enjoy past photography features and follow us on Twitter . posted by Margaret

pencilarms: Future plans for order and chaos Ross McCampbell

pencilarms : Future plans for order and chaos Ross McCampbell

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Detailed Drawings by Theoretical Part Theoretical Part (or...

Detailed Drawings by Theoretical Part Theoretical Part (or TAURO) is the creative union of two illustrators, Boris and Daria Sokolovsky. They specialize in ink drawings and illustrations for books, apparel, and musical albums. Besides the freelance TAURO have a lot of personal projects. Our inspiration is in the cultural heritage of the past epochs, which come to the present times through the portals of antique shops, libraries, ruins and museums. Our aesthetics woven of images, symbols and arcane knowledge, which are stretched like a thin threads from the depths of hoary antiquity. Follow TAURO on Instagram . Cross Connect Mag // Facebook - Twitter - Instagram posted by Margaret

Paper Cuts by Artist Winnie TruongNew work by our friend...

“Paper Cuts” by Artist Winnie Truong New work by our friend Toronto-based artist, Winnie Truong , who we’ve featured many times before (click here for previous posts). “Paper Cuts” was created during her Doris McCarthy artist residency at Fools Paradise this past Winter. Really cool to see her work moving in a new direction introducing the layers of cut paper. See more images below or, if you happen to be in Toronto, on display at ESP (Erin Stump Projects) 1558 Dupont St. until April 23rd!  Thanks Booooooom Like us on Facebook and on Twitter  Selected by Andrew

Mono Digital Life Camera Is Designed Specially for Glasses

Submitted by Weiting Yeh, Mono is a compact digital life camera designed specially for glasses. It features mini body, made from aluminum, plastic, and rubber. User can simply attach it onto the glasses and turn it into a wearable gadget. You can share great moments with other people whether you are an outdoor adventurer or an indoor pioneer. Furthermore, this device comes with a portable charging stand, it can be combined perfectly with the camera due to its shape. the combination forms twin circles, giving you the feeling of unity. Designer : Weiting Yeh Mono has been designed to make a clear new outline by reducing possibilities or degree of visual sense with a minimalist measure. This project focuses on the design process to obtain its unique final form. This approach is hoped to provide better user experience. More images of Mono Digital Life Camera: Tuvie has received “Mono Digital Life Camera” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our reader

Heineken Up On The RoofTemporary light installations...

Heineken Up On The Roof Temporary light installations commissioned by international lager brand Heineken and brought to life by Guto Requena to recapture the essence of Sao Paulo through its abandoned rooftops. The location was Mirante do Vale in downtown SP. The set design invited the audience to have a new perspective of the city, observing its daily transformation and its chaos, but also enraptured by the magnificence and vastness of São Paulo. It is an opportunity to declare love for this Brazilian metropolis. Abandoned for almost three decades, this rooftop was transformed into a large lounge with a bar in the covered area, and outdoor dance floor overlooking the city, finalized with an interactive art installation entitled “Sensitive Star” on the helipad. Similar Posts | Cross Connect Mag