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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

crossconnectmag: Gaylord Ho born 1950 in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan is...

crossconnectmag : Gaylord Ho  born 1950 in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan is masterfully skillful sculptor and an inspired artist. His goal in every sculpture is to bring to life the emotion of the moment being frozen forever in clay.                                          :-) If you haven’t started following us on  Facebook  yet, you should probably do that soon.

crossconnectmag: The Provocative Art of the Mysterious and...

crossconnectmag : The Provocative Art of the Mysterious and Elusive David Rappeneau also known as Prince_Diamond (all this is but a dream, too flattering–sweet to be substantial)                                                          && Check out our Facebook

What are Data Centers?

What are Data Centers?

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Installation art by Damián Ortega Born in 1967, Mexico We could...

Damián Ortega Damián Ortega Damián Ortega Damián Ortega Damián Ortega Installation art by Damián Ortega  Born in 1967, Mexico  We could consider Damián Ortega’s art as a plea for the instrumentation of scientific and technical knowledge in the very process of artistic creation. In his celebrated Cosmic Thing (2002), Ortega invited viewers to consider the controversial history around the production of the Volkswagen Beetle by disassembling it, then re-composing it in mid-air like an illustration in a mechanic’s instruction manual. And it isn’t without humour that he made Miracolo Italiano, 2005 with a disassembled Vespa, like born from the void. “Margin of accident” a previous artwork by Damián Ortega on CCM (3 years ago) Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

Uroboro Domestic Vermicomposter by Marco Balsinha

As a final project for Master in Product Design at ESAD – IPL, Caldas da Rainha, Marco Balsinha has developed Uroboro , a domestic vermicomposter. This project has been designed to answer our environmental problems by moving urban waste from landfill sites and transforming them into useful matter for floriculture. Inspired by the typology of trees, it creates special conditions for safe vermicomposting. This project forms plant living system within your home and bring you a bit closer to nature. It uses earthworms as accelerating agents in the process of transforming domestic organic waste into humus. Designed as modular system, Uroboro has 4 different pieces of red clays that can be extended by adding pieces up without preventing the mobility of earthworms throughout the overall system. The clay is used as mediator for odor, moisture, and temperature. Some prototypes are already available and have been tested in several households from different backgrounds, the results are pretty pr

itscolossal: WATCH: A Gorgeous Animated Penny Arcade Music...

itscolossal : WATCH:  A Gorgeous Animated Penny Arcade Music Video for Jane Bordeaux’s ‘Ma’agalim’  [music video]

crossconnectmag: Selected Works from The GIF Artists...

crossconnectmag : Selected Works from The GIF Artists Collective The GIF Artists Collective holds a monthly GIF challenge for the GIF Artists of Tumblr. Previous themes include ‘Glitch’, ‘Stripes’, and ‘Spooky’. GIFs provided by: @michaelshillingburg , @wmill , @dodogifs , @abelmvada , @mildvibe69 , @29thfloor , @sasj , @nickvdg , and @pi-slices . Posted by Philip ‘Like’ Cross Connect on Facebook Thanks for featuring us on the Radar, Tumblr! - Cross Connect Mag

Boris PelcerWith elegant brushstrokes, meticulous detail and a...

Boris Pelcer With elegant brushstrokes, meticulous detail and a palette befitting the end of the world, Bosnian-born artist Boris Pelcer creates striking portraits of women and men trapped in flames, smoke and a stark sense of isolation. His portfolio contains both prestigious editorial and commercial work as well as personal projects. Delve into Boris’ world on his Instagram and Facebook page For more amazing art, design and photography, visit our Facebook and Twitter ! | Posted by Falco