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Installation art by Damián Ortega Born in 1967, Mexico We could...

Damián Ortega

Damián Ortega

Damián Ortega

Damián Ortega

Damián Ortega

Installation art by Damián Ortega 

Born in 1967, Mexico 

We could consider Damián Ortega’s art as a plea for the instrumentation of scientific and technical knowledge in the very process of artistic creation. In his celebrated Cosmic Thing (2002), Ortega invited viewers to consider the controversial history around the production of the Volkswagen Beetle by disassembling it, then re-composing it in mid-air like an illustration in a mechanic’s instruction manual. And it isn’t without humour that he made Miracolo Italiano, 2005 with a disassembled Vespa, like born from the void.

“Margin of accident” a previous artwork by Damián Ortega on CCM (3 years ago)

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