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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

really-shit: A Separate Reality, Alex Andreev

really-shit : A Separate Reality,  Alex Andreev

Dream Factory: Surreal Paintings by Tomek SetowskiTomek...

Dream Factory: Surreal Paintings by Tomek Setowski Tomek Setowski s paintings are filled with fairytale characters, sky cities, underwater worlds and manifestations of his dreams. Known for a unique style called   Magical Realism , his fantastical works are clearly influenced by Italian painting and architecture but are closer to Hieronymus Bosch than Salvador Dali with its dizzying array of distinct elements such as hill towns blending with the human form. Not too many artists practice this style as it requires an extraordinary imagination and a faultless technique.  Making up monumental compositions is an attempt to exist in the world of imagination, away from the daily life. The choice I have made in my life seems appropriate to me—painting comes easy to me, but it is difficult for me to part with a painting. Thanks Faith is Torment Like us on Facebook  and Twitter         Selected by Andrew

Nadhir Nor is an illustrator from Malaysia. He’s been an avid...

Nadhir Nor is an illustrator from Malaysia.  He’s been an avid art fan since his youth, but only got serious about making art in high school after stumbling upon the creations of amateur artists on DeviantArt. Nadhir views art as more than just a collection of lines and colors: “A close friend of mine recently pointed out how spiritual art can be and how it keeps our body-spirit relationship intact and I do concur. Art is probably the most efficient way to remind ourselves what it means to live, to experience life and not just survive through it. It’s our spirit basically using our body to paint, act or sing to keep each others’ spirit alive and make sure that we don’t end up as just ‘bodies’.” Some of Nadhir’s inspirations include Björk , Esao Andrews , and Hana Tajima . “I’m a sucker for artists who give great attention to details in their works, every inch of it and even when they don’t intend to they just end up constructing worlds whenever they put something o

Illustrations by Jennifer Kraska

Illustrations by Jennifer Kraska

crossconnectmag: “Me & Myself” series by Jin Young Yu  In...

crossconnectmag : “Me & Myself” series by Jin Young Yu  In order to follow a previous article (2 years ago) about the Korean artist Jin Youn Yu , those recent sculptures are still made using translucent plastic. “Me & Myself” series disappear, letting the face, hands, feet, and accessories float visibly. Yu’s work centers on the use of two opposite materials:  the disguise—faces and clothing rendered in vibrantly painted plaster and a yearning for invisibility. Bodies molded of ultra-transparent plastic, a material Yu chose for its weightless, distortion-free quality.  The transparent bodies fulfill the wish of these characters to either vanish or else, to finally find the way to fit into their surroundings.  Her sculptures’ modeled faces, made from Fiberglas-reinforced plastic and paint, essay subtle facial expressions and layered emotions of resilience and hurt.  Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

nonconcept: Lifepods by Kyu Che Studio.

nonconcept : Lifepods by Kyu Che Studio .

CX500 Concept Motorcycle by Dimitri Bez

Pure in form and matter, Dimitri Bez was inspired by the streamline design for the concept of CX500 . The lines are aerodynamic in the direction of motion, simple edges draw the exhaust and tank. In the same vein as the design of the CB1100 , the Streamline CX500 has a retro futuristic style, the plot contrast. Designer : Dimitri Bez Tuvie has received “CX500 Motorcycle” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. CX500 Concept Motorcycle by Dimitri Bez is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Street Artist: NeSpoon NeSpoon is a Polish street artist, known...

Street Artist: NeSpoon NeSpoon  is a Polish street artist, known for its lace implementation in the urban space. She often uses the usual spray paint and stencils of enlarged lace patterns to produce her works on the street. Beauty for her took the form of lace, mandala, an original ornamental motif that appears in the art of many cultures, not only in the tradition of Tibetan and Indian. It has a calm and symmetry, which we all instinctively looking for. Receive art updates from our Twitter feed posted by Margaret