Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nadhir Nor is an illustrator from Malaysia. He’s been an avid...

Nadhir Nor is an illustrator from Malaysia. 

He’s been an avid art fan since his youth, but only got serious about making art in high school after stumbling upon the creations of amateur artists on DeviantArt. Nadhir views art as more than just a collection of lines and colors:

“A close friend of mine recently pointed out how spiritual art can be and how it keeps our body-spirit relationship intact and I do concur. Art is probably the most efficient way to remind ourselves what it means to live, to experience life and not just survive through it. It’s our spirit basically using our body to paint, act or sing to keep each others’ spirit alive and make sure that we don’t end up as just ‘bodies’.”

Some of Nadhir’s inspirations include Björk, Esao Andrews, and Hana Tajima.

“I’m a sucker for artists who give great attention to details in their works, every inch of it and even when they don’t intend to they just end up constructing worlds whenever they put something out.”

Outside of art, Nadhir is a film enthusiast. His favorite movie is Wes Anderson’s “The Darjeeling Limited”.

“[It’s] shot in my favourite state of India, West Bengal, with my favourite actress in it, Anjelica Huston and includes my favourite piano piece, Debussy’s Clair de Lune.”

You can keep up with Nadhir by checking out his Tumblr, dropping by his Behance, and following him on Instagram.

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