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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Latest Murals by Farid RuedaEnd 2015-2016Mural painting has...

Latest Murals by Farid Rueda End 2015-2016 Mural painting has always been a medium of art expression in Mexico dating back to its pre-Hispanic time. Single figures, animals, and narrative scenes are often found in the Mesoamerican monumental buildings, the themes are strongly based in nature. You can see the traces of pre-classic elements in Rueda’s work. Nature and spirituality have always been present, regardless of the choice of color or style. Dropping out of art school and joining the ‘No Colectivo’ creative group, Rueda has never stopped telling his story with passion and skills ( article by Mo ) Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

Illustrations by Aaron Nakahara

Illustrations by  Aaron Nakahara

Illustrations by Aaron Nakahara

Illustrations by Aaron Nakahara

crossconnectmag: Happy to have stumbled upon the illustrations...

crossconnectmag : Happy to have stumbled upon the illustrations of Aleksey Litvishkov   // Selected by Sunil

nonconcept: Algarrobos House ~ bedroom by Jose Maria Saez &...

nonconcept : Algarrobos House ~ bedroom by Jose Maria Saez & Daniel Moreno Flores . (Photography: Sebastian Crespo )

Antonio Mora

Antonio Mora

crossconnectmag: Unnatural Creatures by Caitlin...

crossconnectmag : Unnatural Creatures by Caitlin Hackett Caitlin Hackett was raised near the wildness of Northern California. She went to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to study drawing then later return to the Oakland area to explore her passions for nature & myth. Ever since I was child I have been attracted to natural science & fairy tale illustrations alike. However it was only after seeing Walton Ford’s show at the Brooklyn Museum that I realized I could create work pertaining to what I was passionate about, the tumultuous human-animal relationship. I hope to remind those who view my artwork that we too are animals, embedded in this fragile world even as we poison it. More Caitlin Hackett: Facebook / Tumblr / Society6 Artist photo by David McHale Cross Connect on Facebook will grow on you.    Posted by Yellowmenace

Toyota Setsuna Concept Car Is Made Primarily of Wood

Setsuna is an attractive concept from Toyota, a car that is made primarily of wood. Why wood? Well, Toyota chose wood as the main material because it can capture the developing relationship between people and their cars in the way it changes in appearance over the years. The surface of the car would gradually transform as if absorbing hopes, memories, and aspirations of generations of the family. Setsuna means “moment” in Japanese, it was chosen to reflect how people experience special and memorable moments with their cars, over time, this collective moments can give cars a significant place in their owners’ lives. Toyota uses a variety of distinctive types of wood for different parts of the car, from exterior panels, frame, floor, and seats. This process gives Setsuna unique characteristics that you can’t find in conventional cars. If properly looked after, this car could last for many generations while the color and texture would change depending to its environment, especially temp

Colored pencil drawings. Greg LeonardThank you for your...

Colored pencil drawings. Greg Leonard Thank you for your submission!  Submit Here

BlueFox ST1 Anti-Drowning Bracelet Can Be Programmed Individually for Each User

The BlueFox ST1 bracelet works fully automatic. The permanent measurement of depth and time in the water makes the bracelet to a personal protector for bathers. In an emergency situation, in this case the pre-programmed parameters of depth and time are exceeded, the alarm module will be disconnected from the bracelet and with a balloon filled gas (within few seconds) forced to the water-surface. Right after the alarm module with the balloon has reached the water-surface it alerts all people in and around the water with a very loud (100 db) acoustic signal. BlueFox ST1 is a stand-alone safety product. No additional equipment or installation is required to carry out the necessary alert functions in an emergency case. This allows a safe rest in all kind of waters and pools around the world. The only condition is that you are not alone and somebody can do the rescue procedure. Designer : Bluefox Swiss BlueFox can be programmed very easily and consumer-friendly by a free download-prog

Altro Smart Lock Is Unpickable and Tamper-proof

Altro Smart Lock is claimed to be world’s most secure smart lock, because its unique design makes it unpickable and tamper-proof. Altro Smart Lock should be a perfect companion in Smart Home Automation. Altro Smart Lock makes your Smartphone your new smart key—and more. you can easily lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, or keep track of who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone. It is a Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled smart lock, the unique design makes it unpickable and Tamper-Proof. This smart lock is a complete replacement of your existing door lock and is installed on the inside of the door. It does not have a physical presence on outer surface of the door. This unique design sets Altro apart from other smart locks and makes it unyielding to most break-in attacks. From now on, you can go keyless, Altro detects your presence and automatically lock or unlock the door without having you to take out your phone from your pocket. Designer : Altro