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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Nadia Dzyakava

Illustrations by  Nadia Dzyakava

Beautiful Cinemagraphs from Living Stills Floris Kloet is a 32...

Beautiful Cinemagraphs from Living Stills  Floris Kloet is a 32 year old GIF artist from The Netherlands. By day he’s a project leader at a Dutch media company. By night he makes these Wonderful Cinemagraphs. ‘Everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things to see their beauty’  I have always noticed the little things, subtle moments or little details that shape memories and are always beautiful. That perfect moment just before the sun sets, when a cat makes eye contact or when I’m standing in the forest and everything feels perfect. For me, these are moments when I make a connection to the universe, when time doesn’t seem to exist anymore and all my thoughts disappear and I just am. My goal is to try and capture these perfect moments in cinemagraphs . Floris has another tumblr with cinemagraphs from films called Tech Noir Instagram Check out our Twitter     Posted by Andrew

nevver: Secret friends, AnaHell

nevver : Secret friends, AnaHell

Paintings by Lindsey Kustusch Oakland painter Lindsey Kustusch...

Paintings by  Lindsey Kustusch Oakland painter Lindsey Kustusch is achieving a national reputation for her urban scenes, which often capture the quieter side of city living.  With a fondness for the long view, Lindsey’s paintings are all about juxtapositions: light and fog, solitude and the hustle-bustle of the big city. View more of Lindsey’s work on her  website .  If you aren’t following Cross Connect , you’re missing out. posted by Margaret   via

nonconcept: Quarry turned into luxury swimming pool. (Gifset...

nonconcept : Quarry turned into luxury swimming pool. (Gifset via: orboLOOPS5 )

Illustrations by Belén Diz Juncal behance l dA l society6

Illustrations by  Belén Diz Juncal behance l dA l society6

The Anatomy of War by Noah Scalin ‘‘It’s impossible to separate...

The Anatomy of War by Noah Scalin ‘‘It’s impossible to separate the violence of the ongoing wars around the globe from the weapons that fuel them. Specifically the countless numbers of small arms that are endlessly in circulation passing hand-to-hand. The gun has been clinically dissected revealing a remarkably human set of internal organs – rather than the cold steel and bullets normally found within. The object becomes as fragile as the lives that it can potentially take. In addition the gun become a physical extension of the body of the user of the weapon, albeit one with a conspicuously absent brain. ’’ (Noah Scalin) Check more of his work here Connect with Us on Facebook // Instagram // by Fransi

Illustrations by exellero

Illustrations by exellero

Green Eudemon Is a Conceptual Forest Monitoring System to Prevent Forest Fires

Every year there are more than 50,000 forest fires occurring all over the world, this is a serious problem since forest is an essential habitat for wildlife, produces oxygen that we breathe, controls pollution, and prevents erosion. Green Eudemon has been designed to monitor the forest, each unit can cover a large area to protect the forest in the event of fire. Conventional satellite monitoring, ground patrol, or UAV monitoring are usually inefficient, making forest fire is only known after it is too big to handle. The compact design makes it unobtrusive, it won’t interfere with the nature. Designer : Furong Zhang, Wei Liu, Wang Cai, and Xue Zhang Green Eudemon Is a Conceptual Forest Monitoring System to Prevent Forest Fires is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

When Your Roommate Is a Real Pig (10 pics)

One guy was "lucky" enough to share a house with such a pig of a roommate. He had two children, no job, which is why he couldn't pay his bills. The owner of the house has already handed him a 90-day notice to vacate. When it comes to roommates or tenants, you should choose them carefully.