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Beautiful Cinemagraphs from Living Stills Floris Kloet is a 32...

Beautiful Cinemagraphs from Living Stills 

Floris Kloet is a 32 year old GIF artist from The Netherlands. By day he’s a project leader at a Dutch media company. By night he makes these Wonderful Cinemagraphs.

‘Everything is beautiful. You only have to take an interest in things to see their beauty’ 

I have always noticed the little things, subtle moments or little details that shape memories and are always beautiful. That perfect moment just before the sun sets, when a cat makes eye contact or when I’m standing in the forest and everything feels perfect. For me, these are moments when I make a connection to the universe, when time doesn’t seem to exist anymore and all my thoughts disappear and I just am. My goal is to try and capture these perfect moments in cinemagraphs.

Floris has another tumblr with cinemagraphs from films called Tech Noir


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