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Spend the Halloween Night in a Coffin at Dracula’s Bran Castle...

Spend the Halloween Night in a Coffin at Dracula’s Bran Castle in Transylvania

That’s right, the world-famous 14th-century castle that inspired the setting of Bram Stoker’s chilling novel has just been listed on Airbnb as part of a Halloween giveaway.

To enter the contest, participants are required to tell in max. 550 characters what would they say to Count Dracula if they were to meet him in the castle.

As well as a chance to sleep in a luxurious velvet-trimmed coffin inside the frightening castle, the prize also includes a sumptuous candlelit dinner, breakfast on November 1st, a horse-drawn carriage ride, and other spine-tingling surprises.

Not to mention, your guide and host will be novelist Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker’s great-grand nephew.

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