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Easy Ways to Transfer Android Files to Mac


You may have plugged your android phone into your Mac and nothing happens. This is familiar, right?

That shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Here’s how you can transfer files easily between Android and OSX- Desktop operation system and Earth’s best mobiles.

You can plug in your android phone and explore your files on windows just like any other hard drive. However, Macs are different and sometimes can be just so annoying but there is an authentic fix. Also, there are third party solutions that while having issues with Mac in some areas, they could be even better afterwards.

The easy way to Android File Transfer

There are many free Mac applications developed by the android team. When this is installed, you will see a window pop up menu anytime you plug your device to your Mac. From this pop up window, you can locate your device and transfer what you need. Isn’t that easy?

This is pointed out of the pop up window menu because there isn’t really much options here on the pop up. Copy and paste don’t work on this pop up, you can’t use quick search to preview your files. All there is and you can do on this pop up is to delete and transfer files. Nothing more!

For the quick and easy transfer of files, this is the best choice. If there is a need for complete combination with your Mac’s locator/finder or any of its alternatives, there will be a need to use a third-party tool.

Using the Wi-Fi-alternative: DROIDNAS

While intending to browse Android files using finder, there won’t be any USB option. However, you can get your files through the network with a program known as “DROIDNAS” which is the easiest way to make this set up. This is one of the ways you can get your device wireless access.

With this, you can get all your Android folders including the SD Card shared on the network with just a few taps. This will give a direct access to all your files from Finder, assuming that both your devices are on the same network.

Test results showed that, browsing folders with this was a bit slow but everything worked perfectly. You can transfer half a gig or more of files to your android device with no problems whatsoever.

DroidNAS, in theory is supposed to make your device visible from Finder, all you need do is click an icon and start your files browsing. But, this may not work if using Mavericks.

This may be a little difficult to set up, but once it’s set up, you are off the glitch totally. Also, this may not be a perfect solution and may be a little slower than Android File Transfer with a bad connection. However, if you would rather do a wireless file transfer, it’s the best you can try.

You can try other solutions

Have you tested any of those and it worked for you? There are yet many other options that may work better too.

Air Droid:

This enables file sharing between Macs and Android, and precisely one of the seven tools that will help great functionality of your Android and Mac.


This lets easy file transfer between two operating systems, and works efficiently for easy distribution of single files. Here, browsing the system is not possible but you can send files quickly from one device to another.

The Cloud and Synchronizing services:

Functions like the Drop box can make file transfer much faster. All you need do is drop a file into a synchronized folder and then download it with the help of the Android client.

These are all great choices for Android Files Transfer and lots more. However, when talking about simplicity, a USB cable and Android files transfer could be the best option.

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