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yellowmenace: Godzilla Art Tribute ARTISTS: 1. Ron Guyatt...


Godzilla Art Tribute

1. Ron Guyatt (Canada)
2. Orlando Arocena (Mexico/Cuba/US)
3. Andy Hau (UK)
4. Raid71 aka Chris Thornley (UK)
5. Daniel Nash (UK)
6. Justin Orr aka Jusscope (US)
7. T-Bone & Aljax (US)
8. Alex Solis aka Oddworx (US)

A king-sized art collection for the king of kaiju, 39 monstrous Godzilla Artworks by 34 talented international artists. Hail to the king, baby!

HAIKU: Godzilla
Wanton destruction ● God’s messenger speaks with fire ● Mankind’s just demise

More Monstrous Art:
Godzilla Prints @ Society6
Godzilla Comics & Artbooks @ Amazon
Godzilla Art @ YM Tumblr

Yellowmenace: The Slanted Eye on Asian Art
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