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crossconnectmag: The Vibrant  Colourful Hybrid Paintings of...


The Vibrant  Colourful Hybrid Paintings of  Edith Waddell

Through my hybrid imagery, I introduce a secret story, sometimes hidden in plain sight within the overall composition. My goal is to make visible that which is overlooked, confronting the public with the dark and mysterious aspects of their own psyches, emotional struggles, and their relationship with the natural environment. My work is an invitation to make an introspective examination and reflection into our own existence, both physical and spiritual.

Edith Waddell is an illustrator, dancer and nature lover who was born in Peru. Her artwork is the result of an experimental process that combines acrylic painting, linocut printing, cyanotype printing, and Photoshop digital art printed on paper or canvas. By exploring different art media and embracing chance in her process, Edith has been able to give herself more creative freedom, and the end result is a dark, whimsical, and surreal style. Txt

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