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The 2nd Annual Seattle Art FairThe Seattle Art Fair was Aug. 4-7...

The 2nd Annual Seattle Art Fair

The Seattle Art Fair was Aug. 4-7 2016 in Seattle, Washington.  Here are the details of the shown art: 

  1. Alyssa Monks Mirage  
  2. Lavar Munroe His Perch Warded Away Both Good and Evil 
  3. Kampolpan Chotvichai Restlessness C print and Hand Cut Canvas 
  4. Sketch Aquarium presented by teamLab and Pace Gallery  Interactive kid friendly installation  
  5. Dale Chihuly Amparo Blue Persian Installation Detail 
  6. Christian Van Rex Van Minnen Strawberry Beefcake 
  7. Kim Joon Drunken-Absolut Vodka 
  8. Kim Simonsson Voodoo Moss Girls Ceramic, feathers and nylon 
  9. Pedro S. De Movellan Bisected Hemi Kinetic sculpture. 
  10. Kehinde Wiley Haiti - Polish Woman

Photos by taken Cross Connect Contributor Lisa Cox at the Seattle Art Fair.    All art is copyrighted by the artist.

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