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Stunning Interactive Pond Filled with Computer Generated Koi...

Stunning Interactive Pond Filled with Computer Generated Koi Fish

Japanese art collective,    teamLab, have created an amazing computer program that allows people to wade through an interactive pond filled with computerized koi fish. According to teamLab, “ The movement of the koi is influenced by the presence of people in the water and also other koi. When the fish collide with people, they turn into flowers and scatter. The trajectory of the koi is determined by the presence of people, and these trajectories trace lines on the surface of the water.”

What’s crazy is that this interaction between individuals and the “fish” is “neither pre-recorded nor on a loop.” Essentially, human interaction with the installation is what causes the changes in the artwork, and it “can never be replicated, and will never reoccur.” Insanely awesome. 

Take a look at this video to get a sense of how beautiful this installation is.

The installation is on display at the Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRKU 2016 Festival in Tokyo until August 31, 2013. I have to say that I’m bummed that this is an installation I can’t experience first-hand. 

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