Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Spanish Hunting Dogs by Martin UsborneI’ve been a greyhound...

Spanish Hunting Dogs by Martin Usborne

I’ve been a greyhound owner for almost three years now. The cult of the greyhound is real, my friends, and us greyhound owners can’t help but get excited at anything that involves greyhounds. I say that because, when stumbling across Martin Usborne’s Spanish Hunting Dogs, I immediately became excited by the technical beauty of the photos, and the fact that there are greyhounds at the forefront of this series. 

This London based photographer, who mostly shots commercial and editorial commissions, is intrigued by the relationship that humans have with other animals. His work has been featured in international magazines, as well as group and solo shows, around the world. He also has several books published, and his upcoming book Where Hunting Dogs Rest is currently available for pre-order. Besides being an extremely talented photographer, he is also spending a year to see how many dogs he can help save, which is that much more of a reason for me to be a fan of his work. I can’t help but feel inspired, as well as a sense of admiration, toward what Usborne is doing. 

For more of his work take a look at of Martin Usborne’s website. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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