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Illustrations by Alexandra Dvornikova Alexandra Dvornikova is a...

Illustrations by Alexandra Dvornikova

Alexandra Dvornikova is a young illustrator and printmaker from St.Petersburg, Russia.

I started drawing when I was just a little girl - around 9-10 months old :)     In the age of 8 I entered art school and finished it when I was 14. Then I found an Academy school and learned there for 3 years. After school I went to Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, printmaking technology and graphics department. I spent there 6 years and finished it last summer. 

Hmmm, I must say that Russian art education is unacceptable! For all these 6 years no one believed in me and every day I heard something about how bad and untalented I am, haha. So I think I finally was able to start drawing freely just a year ago, right after my graduation.
I do not work as an illustrator or something like that. At this moment I’m just happy to draw and share my results here:) I received so much support from Tumblr! I truly needed it after all these years of artistic humiliation :)

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