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Drawings by Faye Halliday Faye Halliday a.k.a. Haathi is a...

Drawings by Faye Halliday

Faye Halliday a.k.a. Haathi is a UK-based business owner, adventure junkie and artist.

So this is what you are seeing here; my vision of “beauty”. A small part of me, my soul and my interpretation of the world and this “idea” translated onto a piece of paper. Why not take the patterns of a butterfly and put them onto an animal to enhance its aesthetic beauty? To create my own version of a distorted evolution, if you will. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily saying my drawings are beautiful, and I’m definitely not implying that these creations are more beautiful than the animals themselves in all of their natural glory. I’m simply providing a hand drawn pathway for other people to experience this “idea” and perception through my eyes and mind.

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