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Peter Bynum: Illuminated Paintings on Glass Using acrylic, the...

Peter Bynum: Illuminated Paintings on Glass

Using acrylic, the artist paints on sheets of tempered glass and layers them together to create the final image. Experimentation led him to the discovery that transformed his work. “One day I held a glass painting up to the light and saw that when the light suffused the paint it illuminated something hidden,” he says. 

Bynum says that, as an idea, painting on glass tends to raise an inherent bias in the “crafty” vein, despite seeing that “glass makes sense for painting, as it breaks away from the tradition of light hitting painting on an opaque surface. Light has always been depicted in painting but never used as an element in the painting itself.  By having a life behind the paint you double the amount of light available to the painting.  So light almost lets you see inside the paint - it illuminates.” 

Peter Bynum lives and works in New York.

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