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Combining the dark elements of mental health in hopes of...

Combining the dark elements of mental health in hopes of painting a better picture. Works from the young and talented Igor Dobrowolski out of Poland.

I am an artist living in Poland. In my works are many topics that I try to move, such as death, depression, war children, the problems of the poor and homeless, addiction, narcissism, lack of empathy. However, the binding agent that combines all of these problems or stories is suffering, a particle of hope and an attempt to remind that life can be terrible and cruel, and thereby show that “our” problems are not so great and all in all it almost does not exist in comparison to the aforementioned tragedy. One can thus can appreciate your life, our time, or ordinary moments. And the emphasis on understanding empathy, pressure empathy, I do not like the word pressure but do not know how to replace it. I believe that empathy is one of the most important and very not appreciated feature. I do not deceive myself with the salvation of the world, but maybe my work and the work of others not necessarily in the art world will help fix something. I hope my work is such a minimal part of something good. Very important for me is to try in all works to conclude a part of hope because I really believe it’s going to be “better” even after the greatest tragedies, perhaps for life or maybe death. I do not want to be too lofty - just somehow feel I do not know how to put into words.

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