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“Transition” ( Top ) from Descants & Cadences by Stephanie...

“Transition” ( Top ) from Descants & Cadences by Stephanie Law

Art has always been about the exploration of other worlds to me.  It is a medium to view the world with a different perspective and to find elements of beauty in what seems ordinary. I want to transport myself, and my audience into a mirror existence.

That’s what “Descants & Cadences” is — I want this book to be a window to invite you in to participate with my visions. For the artwork in this collection I’ve been feeling along the boundary between dream and reality. I’ve delved into the language of allegory that we’re all exposed to from the very first nursery rhyme that we hear as a child, and rediscover when we read to our own children. I’ve sought after tiny worlds of wonder from an insect’s viewpoint. I love to get lost in the incredible beauty of growth and decay that you find in nature.

More Beautiful Art from Stephanie Law on Tumblr ( Shadowscapes )

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