Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Geometric Works of Hubert EkvallHubert Ekvall is a 26 year...

The Geometric Works of Hubert Ekvall

Hubert Ekvall is a 26 year old student of informatics in UmeƄ, Sweden.

“Most of my works start out as doodles in my sketchbook, I just try to scribble down any visual idea that pops up in my brain. Then later I try to figure out the most interesting ways I can animate these small sketches to create a good story or flow. Sometimes there isn’t any great idea so I might just settle on creating a static piece. A lot of my ideas actually come from my dreams, in fact I used to keep a diary of my dreams. The other most prominent source for my ideas is of course media; old TV-shows, video games and illustrations in books etc. One of the best eras for inspiration is probably the 60’s, 70’s and the early 80’s, there are some old computer science books out there that are just pure works of art! Most of the themes in my art are probably related to nostalgia and surrealism, I’m also very in love with the concept of creating my own micro-worlds where I can dictate any silly rules I want.”

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